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In this cartoon aimed at quite young children, they are familiarized with the notion of xenophobia, learning that being different is not threatening but is instead enriching for our lives. It takes a narrative approach that children can identify with.  

Video Processing

The clip provides an introduction to how video processing has changed over the years. It describes how the rising need for cost reduction in a rapidly developing cinematographic industry has driven the need for new technologies and approaches to video processing. This clip could be used to show different types of processes and the evolution that has taken place in the film and video industry, it could also be used for observation purposes.

Modern Greek Sculpture in Athens

This video clip presents modern greek sculpture. The works shown range from traditional marble and stone statues to contemporary space installations. It could be used to attract students’ attention with its strongly visual representation. The teacher could also stop the clip at certain points and ask the students to make comments about the works, helping them to enhance their skills in comparison, interpretation, evaluation and extrapolation. It could be used as a stimulus to discussions about the role of art in public places as well as in arts' appreciation classes. It could also be...

Basic Colours

This short video clip demonstates in a very simple and comprehensive way the creation of colours .The students are instructed in the simple procedure and they can take part in a similar activity within the classroom. This clip can also be used to hone their skills in observation, prediction and comparison.  

Iron and Sulphur Mixture

A mix is made of iron and sulphur powder with a mortar and pestle and it is shown how a magnet can be used afterwards to extract the iron from the mixture. Useful for demonstration purposes, it could also be used to support exercises in prediction and observation.

Steps in Building a House

This video shows in three minutes how a house is built: from the foundations all the way to the finished house. It could be used in extrapolation and observation exercises as well as to support prediction and evaluation tasks. It could also be used in an instructional manner, showing the house-building process.

First Aid: Sprained Wrist

This clip shows how to apply a pressure bandage when you have sprained your wrist. It could be used as a demonstration clip for lessons in first aid and could clearly help support knowledge acquisition. It could also be used to support observation and prediction exercises in the classroom.

Sound of Glass Filled with Water

This short clip shows four glasses filled with different levels of water and the effect this has on the sound they make when hit with a spoon. It could be used as a hook to initiate a discussion on several physical phenomena or as a short observation exercise.

The Tiger that Wanted to Be a Man

This animation movie is part of the series "Les contes du monde entier" and has been constructed by using modeling paste. A Taiwan legend tells the story of an old tiger that wants to be human at all costs. In order to accomplish that, it has to devour three children… This clip could be used to encourage or facilitate empathy or emotional engagement on the part of the viewer about what it means to be human. It could also be used to support language learning or as an exercise in observation.

Spider Building a Web

This video shows how a spider builds its web. It could be used as an introduction to classes on natural history or as a way to provoke a discussion on nature. It could also be used to support an observation exercise or in a compare and contrast task with other clips dealing with the creation of habitats.